Presentations in congress

4th International Symposium on Applied Geoinformatics on 9-10 May 2024

Geographic Information System-Driven Decision Support System for Assessing Multiple Hazards in Post-Mining


EGU General Assembly 2024 on 14-19 April 2024

A GIS-Based Decision Support System for Multi-Hazard Assessment in Post-Mining Regions

Altbergbaukolloquium (Post-Mining conference) on 9-10 November 2023

Ganzheitliches Risikomanagement für europäische Nachbergbauregionen – Das Projekt PoMHaZ

International Symposium Occupational health and Safety in Bucharest – Romania, on 18-25 October 2023

Development of post-mining multi-hazard assessment methodology

15th International congress, challenges in Rock Mechanics and Rock engineering, on 9-14 October, in Salzburg

Post-Mining Risk Management and multi-hazard approaches, methodology and application

Mine Closure 2023, in Reno, on 2-5 October

Post-Mining Risk Management in France and multi-hazard approaches for coal mines 

“9th Panhellenic Conference on Geotechnical Engineering” on 4-6 October 2023 in Athens
 "Uncertainty of geotechnical parameters in heterogeneous spoil deposits of fine grained soil materials from lignite mines" (

"Reliability analysis of bearing capacity of a shallow foundation using Monte Carlo simulation" (

"Slope stability assessment of reclaimed lignite mines for the creation of pit-lakes_ The case of Lake Most, Czech Republic" (

"Numerical Analyses for the Investigation of Soil Improvement Methods in Settlement Issues of Spoil Materials from Lignite Mines" (

European Geosciences Union, on 19-21 April 2023

Multi-hazard analysis of abandoned coal-mines 

Publication in journals

MDPI on May 2023

Post-Mining Multi-Hazard Assessment for Sustainable Development