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Adverse reactions to mining activities are primarily due to the environmental impacts of the activity. The appearance of the quarry, which is called visual pollution, the appearance of the waste dam or stock areas and the negative effects that may be on the environment are the first phenomena that stand out. Although negative examples attract more attention; It is a fact that the good practices in our country cannot be explained to the public. It is necessary to announce afforestation, olive groves, vineyards, lavender fields and landscaping in areas where mining has ended and to draw attention to good practices during and after mining. It is thought that this will be beneficial for raising awareness among those who are against mining. In developed countries, rehabilitation and land reclamation issues have been resolved as an activity during and after mining; industrial heritage, evaluation of architectural structures, socio-economic activities, psycho-social support. In addition to these, it is thought that intellectual circles can be reached by revealing the contributions made to the studies in the fields of industrial heritage and archeology and presenting mining together with culture and art. International Post Mining Activities Symposium will be held in 22-24 May 2024 together with Mining Engineers Professional Development Association (MMMGD) and Paris-based Post Mining Network Association, Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University and Madencilik Türkiye Magazine.